Tin Cup County Water and/or Sewer District
The next meeting is at 7:00 pm,
Wednesday, March 4 at the Darby
Community Clubhouse.
Tin Cup Canyon from the air
Old spillway at Tin Cup Dam
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If you have questions or comments
please contact the General Manager, Rick
(tincupgm@gmail.com;  phone 406 360-8342)

In April, 2018, the District installed two 1000 foot sections of
plastic ditch liner in two sections to prevent seepage through
the ditch wall.  Its performance during the 2018 irrigation
season was quite positive in that the areas below the ditch
where seepage and swampy conditions occur are now much  
drier. Ditch flows also show an increase. The lining of
additional leaky sections will take place in 2020.
Installation of a new trash rack at the Dam  was completed in  
October, 2018 when the lake was at its lowest level. The trash
rack sits in the entrance to the head gate and blocks entry of
logs, large branches, etc that could damage the head gate
while permitting small branches,pieces of wood, etc..to.pass

To minimize potential interferences with ditch operation and
maintenance, the District has instituted an approval process
for modifications to an existing structure or a new structure,
such as a head gate, pump intake, culvert, bridge, etc.
The procedure will consist of completion of an application form
by the user and, if appropriate, approved by the General
Manager. This process will protect both the applicants and the
District's interests. For more detail see “Ditch Easements and
Encroachments” by clicking on the Ditch page in the navigation
bar above.